Jeff Johnson

Thomas Andersen

Matt Lind

Thomas Andersen, Matt Lind, and Jeff Gephart and Jeff Johson deliver up the goods when it comes to the Pacific Northwest's original Rock / Metal bands! $INTAX is an unpretentious, blue collar working man's band that has cultivated highly addictive melodies and infectious guitar hooks that are served up with a clear lust for life message that clearly sets them apart from all others. If you like your music played LOUD & PROUD then $INTAX will win you over quickly.
In a musical landscape littered with the broken bones and shattered dreams of those who have fallen by the wayside before them, $INTAX pays Tribute to themselves, their people and their art through the god given gift of original music.They are poised to make a deep, lasting scar on your soul. It's time to raise the bar a notch. 

Jeff Gephart


$intax's "Full Throttle" is currently the theme song for DJ Full Throttle. Check him out at: