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Not the happiest of events to announce the departure of Seth Troublefield from the Lightning Kings line up. Due to communication and scheduling issues there sadly was no other choice. Seth came to us right after the death of Ryan Petersen, our original drummer. Seth picked us up, dusted us off and got us back on track. We love and respect Seth. Seth was highly instrumental in our quick advances both professionally and musically. His growth as a musician is directly linked to the hard work he put in here and with his other band The Bomb Squad. We wish Seth all the best and continued success in his new group. That being said in the last 2 days we have had 3 players come through and pick up the neccessary material for audition. Auditions will be held in the first week of jan 2018. We think we are covered but none the less we have decided to extend for this next week to seek applications for audition. We know there are many undiscovered talents banging away out there. This is your invitation. So if you are a pro drummer with that back beat in the pocket groove and mojo, who thinks he or she can see them selves at this level of performance-- private message me.

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